When I first began my photography journey I learned very quickly that I needed guidance from someone that had already been in the business. I needed someone to shed light on not only shooting and editing, but also the legal side to running a business.

The original life plan was to go get my degree in education. I love teaching, but I loved photography more. Offering mentoring sessions allows me to incorporate my love for teaching and helping you grow.

There are so many things that I know now that I wish I knew back then and this is why I offer this for photographers starting out. I am a firm believer in Community over Competition and I will never hold back from telling you all of the things that have made me the photographer I am today.

Not Local? That's okay. This option is for you.

This one on one option is a Facetime or Skype session. We will go over all the ins and outs of running a legal and successful business. We will go over shooting in manual mode, composition, post processing, and branding. Please set aside 1.5 hours for this mentoring session.


In Person Mentoring - Local to Oahu

This one on one session is in person. We spend the day going over everything outlined in the Skype session + I will have two models all dressed up and ready to go for a live photo session! Thats right. You will get to shoot alongside me and implement posing and interacting with clients in real life. Once we are done with the session we will head to the nearest coffee shop and work on post processing together. Please set aside 5+ hours for this mentoring session.